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    Server Rules


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    Server Rules

    Post  Skintkingle on Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:32 pm

    1. Do not break structures built by other people unless explicitly given permission. If broken by accident, notify them and help rebuild.
    2. Do not steal from other players.
    3. If entering a prank war, do not do anything that breaks rules 1 & 2. Good clean fun people!
    4. If structures are labelled as someone's private property (Dan's House, Claire's Cottage etc.) do not enter them without permission, especially when the owner is currently offline.
    5. If you cut down a tree, replace it. No one likes hiking for ages to get wood.
    6. Do not kill other people's animals or use their food farms without permission.
    7. Fix creeper holes.
    8. Don't obstruct the views of other people's houses or their access to them.
    9. No lava above sea level unless you have permission from your neighbours. No one likes unexpected house fires.
    10. Try to keep structures in theme with those around you.
    11. Maintain civility in chat. No flaming, racism, homophobia, bullying etc. If you don't get along with someone just don't talk to them.
    12. No PvP without prior consent or on event days when PVP is part of it.

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    Post  Tenskulls on Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:12 pm

    Upon breaking the rules, you will receive a warning.

    This warning will specify the reason for your warning.

    Should you receive three warnings you will be automatically banned from the server. Warnings may be issued by any OP. Should you feel a warning/ban was unjust make a post under "The Police" area of the forums. Your ban will be reviewed by a moderator/an administrator.

    The application of warnings to rule breakers is the judgement of the OP at the time.

    Play fair people Smile

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