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    A song of ice and fire....the series!


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    A song of ice and fire....the series!

    Post  Clairic on Tue Aug 11, 2009 6:57 am

    I've started reading "a song of ice and fire" from George R. R. Martin which is great imo - and just found out about the small revelation of the cast from HBO. Well I don't know about you, but I'm thrilled. We've all seen Sean Bean in LoTR and I'm certain he'll do great as Ned Stark. Then I looove Peter Dinklage (remember "Death At A Funeral" Very Happy). So for Viserys we got the handsome Harry Lloyd some of you might know from his part (Will Scarlett) in "Robin Hood", I for my part knew him from "Doctor Who" (oh, yes I'm a fangirl...david!!) i.e. I do know he can play the bad boy amazingly well. Robert will be Mark Addy who starred in "The Flinstons" which I haven't seen so I can't really judge him. Jack Gleeson who some might remember from "Batman Begins" - yes he played the little boy! Jennifer Ehle will be perfect as Catelyn Stark (how can one not like her, she played Elizabeth Bennet!) And finally to my personal favourite character: Jon Snow (weeee!) will be Kit Harington who has until now only been on stage as much as I know of. That is a good thing in my opinion. We wouldn't want them to take some super famous actor (I'm certain you all would shudder by the thought of having someone like Daniel Radcliffe or Edward Pattinson...or even ZAC EFRON as Jon Snow...or so would I).

    Now if you don't know the series, I can only recommend you to read them. ...Thrilled! x3

    xx clairic


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