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    New restaurant- Au Bord Du Mer


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    New restaurant- Au Bord Du Mer

    Post  Tenskulls on Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:34 pm

    A new restaurant is in town- Au Bord Du Mer. The restaurant closes in on the market gap left by the wonderful although remarkably short lived "Le Clife".

    Another restaurant so soon after the failure of the other? The Skintville Times goes in with an exclusive interview with the entrepreneur and designer Mr. Kulls.

    ST: So Mr. Kulls why have you opened up a restaurant in Skintville?

    TK: Please call me Tens.

    ST: Okay then, same question.

    TK: I decided to open up a high class restaurant to help close up the market gap left by the closure of "Le Clife"

    ST: Now you have built it in a rather unusual section of town.

    TK: You refer to the less developed and more haphazard section I put it in? Yes I built it in an odd section as part of my development project. I want that formerly down at heel end of town to become a new more high end of town.

    ST: Amazing, now I understand you had construction help on this?

    TK: Yes I hired the restaurant building expert Dunk (registration number 443) to help me build it.

    ST: *jokingly* Well at least we know it is structurally secure then

    TK: *seriously* It always would be

    ST" *clears throat* Now what do critics say about the food?

    TK: Well the food has received many praising comments in various publications. For example Mr. T. Skulls says in his review "Lovely seafood. The herring was delightful". In another review (this one published in the Skintville Review) a Mr. T. S. Ulls. says "Wonderful, simply wonderful. The food is simply lovely and the locale amazing." There were another twenty reviews of much the same type.

    ST: And all of these reviews were written by people with some anagram of one "Ten Skulls" as is, incidentally, your name.

    TK: I think now might be a good time for me to leave.

    Mr. TK hurriedly leaves his table and throws down his money for the bill. As we leave the building a black ford rushes by and a tommy gun is fired at us. Thankfully we weren't hurt although several others in the area were. Overall an exiting night and an exiting interview for us.

    n.b. after eating at said restaurant, may I add how lovely it is?

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    Re: New restaurant- Au Bord Du Mer

    Post  dunk443 on Wed Sep 09, 2009 2:43 pm

    i miss le cliff Sad aww well id like to see it next time im on

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